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 Centaurus Virgo packs some of the newest hardware available on Intel platform. By default you are getting modern Intel i5-13400 processor with 10 cores capable of running along any video card for maximum performance. Included Nvidia RTX 4060 video card is a perfect mid-range option and even SSD is PCI-e based for games like Starfield that really need it. 

Virgo is a modern gaming system with a fast Intel i5 processor, PCI-e based solid state drive, fast discrete video card RTX 4060 for real gaming, and even 4K support. It is perfect for productivity work, everyday tasks, and gaming, but it really shines in expansion options, Intel i5-13400 CPU will not be a bottleneck while you add more RAM, change GPU for a high-end version, and expand SSD storage. It is super fast as it comes, it will stay so with simple upgrades in the future. 

 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors advance performance hybrid architecture with up to eight P-cores plus efficient E-Core, combined with workloads intelligently routed by Intel® Thread Director2. Built for gamers looking for maximum performance to play the latest games, while also having the capabilities to tackle other workloads.

DIYPC G1 BK case optional with RGB lights
Centaurus Virgo with stock cooler and RTX GPU
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