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This is an affordable gaming rig with all full-featured components so that it will allow easy upgrades now and in the future. With nice choice of GPUs it is good enough to run any games with proper settings on 1080p+ resolution. You can drop in any video card in Andromeda and the CPU will never bottleneck it. 

Centaurus Andromeda with Intel stock cooler and RX Radeon video card
Centaurus Andromeda optional case

Centaurus Andromeda - cheap entry into PC gaming with a discrete video card and a very nice i5 processor. It has everything required to run games right away and blast through all the everyday tasks and even some heavy-lifting like audio and video processing. Virtually unlimited upgrade options with support for all LGA1700 processors including 13x series, all modern GPUs, and slots for more memory and storage. You can run it now as it is and upgrade when next-gen parts come out or the current high-end drops in price, it's a good deal. 

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