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Pick your CPU

We have separated all our computers into two categories with Intel and AMD processors, which will define the whole platform (CPU/Motherboard). While offering similar CPU categories and prices there are a lot of differences to explore.

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You will find unique systems with better prices changing often as quantities are very limited. Some configs are built as a single exemplar

AMD PC x3.jpg

Popular systems with AMD Ryzen processors ranging from Quad Core to 16-Core and up plus hyper-threading. Pro's favorites

Intel PC x3.jpg
Intel CPU Based PC

Excellent price-performance combination with high-core count and hyper-threading on all CPUs, even low end. Great power savings.

​Limited Series Specials

Unique custom built computers with limited quantity. Once sold out they are gone forever. Popular configurations with rare cases. 

At Centaurus Computers we are building modern high performance desktops for gamers and professionals. We use reliable parts tested with time, best brands with excellent price/performance and we provide quick and efficient technical support for all systems. Every computer is assembled in the USA, built and tested from scratch for every order by a professional technician and then checked again right after packing it still warm from the test bed. Either it is a gaming computer or a PC for video and audio processing editing and such, we ensure that you get a fast and well balanced machine. Feel free to ask questions, we are here for you!

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