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AMD Hydra - This is an affordable gaming rig with entry-level gaming components which will allow easy upgrades now and in the future. AMD 5600G 6-Core processor is great for games on medium settings with integrated GPU Radeon RX which is faster than any iGPU rivals. Socket AM4 board supports all the latest 5xxx AMD Ryzen CPUs. This is the best low-price configuration AMD has to offer with easy upgrade possibilities. PCI-e slot is empty so you can add any video card for a huge performance boost. 

Ryzen 5 5600G Gaming PC APU

 It's an affordable entry into PC gaming with fast processor, enough memory and storage. SAvings come from the integrated GPU which is sufficient for running most games, albeit on lower settings for the most part. You can easily upgrade included 16GB RAM as well as expand 500GB storage, or even swap the processor for a faster one in the future. 
But the best part here - PCI-e 16x slot that is empty and waiting for a discrete graphics card to be dropped into it. You can use Hydra PC now to play games or for anything else and once you get the video card you want simply plug it in and up the game instantly. It's an easy upgrade for the future, or you can do it right away and then use integrated GPU as a backup or for additional monitors, even as a stock trading machine if you want to.
Even with this low price we still make sure the quality is top-notch and there are no corners cut here. It's a perfect system for low budget. 

 For gamers, creators, and all-around PC users who want enthusiast-class performance without the need for a discrete graphics card – look no further than Ryzen™ 5000 G-Series Desktop Processors – The Ultimate Desktop Processor with Graphics.

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