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 Centaurus Fornax is the best mid-high-end gaming system that offers excellent performance while also not going overboard with price premiums for the very top-end parts or with excessive heat and noise coming with these. Everything is super new here, with the latest AMD AM5 platform including DDR5 RAM support, latest 7000 generation of Radeon video cards and more. 

Centaurus Fornax custom gaming PC system
Antec M301P.jpg

 CC Fornax is a full-fledged power system for gaming and any heavy tasks like video and audio processing and more. You can run anything on this system and never slow down, even if it is 4K modern game. There will be no need to upgrade anything for quite a while to stay on top of the performance ladder. You may want to consider a liquid cooler if you upgrade CPU beyond R7 7700 level.

AMD Ryzen™ 7000 Series processors offer the best of both worlds with high frequency cores for lightly threaded 3D design tasks and up to 16 cores for multithreaded rendering and reality capture.

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