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Centaurus Computers
Custom gaming systems built by enthusiasts for hard core gamers. We cater to professional users too!

Gaming System 1.jpg

We can build pretty much any system! If you don't see something you want - let us know!
We love building something new and unique, we don't put branding on our computers with clean custom look and usually one of a kind as we add little changes here and there every time.

We take pride in building high quality custom computers for gamers and professionals who demand top performance, reliability and professional technical support. Our custom gaming computers are built with the best parts available, we make sure every configuration is well balanced and does not have weak spots. We constantly update configurations and add new hardware to achieve best customization possible. At Centaurus Computers we know that high quality gaming computer can make all the difference between victory and defeat in the hands of a professional gamer. Our gaming computers push FPS to the limit with overclocked components and optimization. At the same time we deliver top reliability and speed for gamers and professionals of all fields.
Why Centaurus Computers?


We build every system like if we would for ourselves. We have extensive knowledge of compatibility and effectiveness of different parts paired together and we apply it everyday in our building process. Every system has slight variations, no cabling is ever the same, fluid inventory and no branding create absolutely beautiful and unique systems unlike anything you can find in retail stores. Everything is assembled in the USA, one tech builds each system from start to finish, it is not a usual conveyor, but rather a careful organized process. 

100% Customizable

We are not limiting your fantasy and options available. Not everything available is listed on the website. We have a lot more case options, processors and video cards. We can make all LEDs of a certain color, find something "rare" like a case with 5.25" bay, we can even use your own parts to build what you want the way you want it! Simply let us know if you want something special or don't know what you want for recommendations.

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